SoothANerVe Bath 1oz

Part of “The nerVe” line to support our nervous systems.

Soaking your feet in tea, this blend is a nourishing way to transition from one part of the day to another. This a a wonderful way to experience the herbs entering your body, through your feet. A soothing, aromatic, and stress-relieving foot soak to help relax after a long day or when feeling anxious or stressed.

Prepare your herbal tea and place it in a basin. Create a quiet and restorative space, breath,e and release all tension.

Suggested use: Make a tea with 3-4 tbsp of herb to 1 gallon of hot water. Herbs may be placed in disposable tea bags, muslin bags or loose as is. Let herbs steep for 20 min and cool to a comfortable temperature and soak feet for 20min.


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